Beat the heat with a tint in place

Summer and it’s brother Winter, in Perth can be quite uncomfortable if you are not geared to face it. With unpredictable high temperatures in summer and chilling cold weather in winter, the two at extreme ends would not be conducive to the old and feeble. Protecting yourself with adequate clothing, air-conditioning, and heating is imperative if you are to face the brunt of the two weather conditions.

We design our homes with large glass window panes for aesthetic value, and to invite an abundance of light but do we adequately protect ourselves from the harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays of the Sun. The Sun could be at a distance of more than 150 million kilometers, but here on Earth we are vulnerable to it’s harmful rays.

Whilst large glass window panes may add beauty to our homes, these windows invite UV rays, heat and glare which could affect not only our health but our wallets too. The same goes for cars we drive, being left to the elements or whilst we are it, the Sun beats down on us with all it’s ferocity.

At Home window tinting Perth we have the right solution for you, our Sun control films are developed with the ability to reduce heat and glare from filtering through your windows up to 80 %. They cut down harmful UV rays by 93%, and is your ideal foil, to keep healthy and safe.

With heat, glare and UV rays reduced substantially your air-conditioning in summer and your heater in winter is sure to perform with much more efficiency thanks to Home window tinting Perth.

Increasing productivity at the workplace is every bigwigs dream with Sun control film installed by Office window tinting Perth that dream will be a reality. With the advanced technology that is used in the manufacture of Sun control film used by Office window tinting Perth your energy costs are sure to see a downward slump.

Driving in summer is also an uncomfortable chore, even when your air-conditioner is on. Having Sun control film installed by Car window tinting Perth, will definitely make your ride more comfortable. Car window tinting Perth would also help you save a substantial amount on your fuel bills. With less cooling or heating lost as the case may be Car window tinting Perth will get your air-conditioning and heating systems performing at optimum levels.



Permeable paving a new concept

Jim’s Group the world’s number one in Home Services, with over 3,200 Franchisees around Australia and four other nations has attained the pinnacle of success through the four strong pillars our business is built on. Our transparency, honesty, integrity and reliability is our forte and has held us in good stead over the last three decades that we have been in business.

The Paving Franchise arm of our group has grown in leaps and bounds, and we have completed some very successful projects and in it’s wake left some very satisfied customers, who would be our best referrals to the future of our business.

Permeable Paving is a recently developed concept, which application is ideal for areas where liquids spilt or poured could easily drain into the built up drainage system. Storm water has to be drained away effectively and fast, using our new concept we could make these areas Permeable to storm water.

Our Paving prowess has been exemplary and the testimonials and accolades that we have received speaks volumes of our commitment to quality workmanship. We have seen that every detail in the Paving process is completed immaculately and neatly.

Spray Paving on concrete floors brings out the best even in older floors. With different colours available to choose from, customers have very wide choices to blend with the general décors of their homes. Spray Paving acts like a median that reflects the Sun’s heat falling on it, thereby drastically reducing the high ambient temperature that would create a hotter environment around the home.

We also undertake work on Coatings for outdoor walkways, footpaths and Driveways. The Coatings give a newer look and also protects Paving blocks and cement floors. These are also available in some very attractive and natural colours. Coatings would add brightness and colour to surroundings.

With our expansion plans for the future we are offering the opportunity to selected individuals to join us to take our business forward. Dedicated, hardworking and honest individuals are able to Buy Paving business and join our Paving Franchise.

They will be accorded all the required training and skills honed to meet the stringent quality controls that we adhere to. Our Paving Franchise holders would be the future to our business and we will nurture them throughout.


The Digital media and search marketing

The Digital media is the most prolifically used median by marketing professionals to promote products and services. The Digital media plays an important role, in bringing prospective customers closer to fulfilling their needs first and also fast.

With Digital software developing at a very brisk rate, the technology in employing that software has brought forth a rush to develop more sophisticated devices to use them. Smart phones, tablets and other lightweight devices are taking the Digital median by storm.

Using the Digital median to its optimum usage, search engine marketing strategies, too have taken a giant leap forward. Millions of people use the many search engines at any given time, for gathering information, entertainment, catching the latest news, interacting with others and even shopping for their daily needs.

Search marketing is affordable and effective compared to any other medians, especially the print media. Once something is printed on paper changing it could be an arduous task, but it is not the case with search marketing, which can be customized to suit individual brands, and if found wanting can be changed, edited or amended.

To achieve high results you should strive to place your website on a high search engine ranking which would bring good results and dividends.


The natural look with timber fencing

Timber fencing gives out a natural look which adds glamour to your home if the architecture of your home too is of vintage or Victorian design. The two would blend discreetly providing a passerby with a pleasant view of your home. We go to great lengths to display our homes and flaunt our inner feelings through it. This is a human trait that is prevalent in us since time immemorial. Timber fencing in it’s numerous forms provides us the opportunity we always look forward to.

Colorbond fencing, which is synonymous with the Australian industrial revolution of the mid 20thCentury have practically invaded every home. Most homes in Australia use colorbond fencing or a sister product from the same manufacturer. With a ten year warranty, and safe against fire, with a very minute chance of rusting it has become the most sought after material for fencing. If soiled your fences could be washed with water, without any damage being caused. Fencing contractors love to work with this versatile product due to it’s unique properties and minimal waste in construction.

Screen fencing is another product which is construction friendly and loved by fencing contactors. The materials used for screen fencing is diverse but using wood is generally encouraged, for it’s easy installation and natural beauty.

The materials used for pool fencing is diverse, and in protecting the surroundings of your swimming pool the idea is primarily safety for those using your compound. They may be adults or children. The installation of Pool fencing would also be for the safety of your pets at home.

The need forfencing is an age old tradition to secure our living and agricultural areas from intruders and animals. Man has had fencing of some kind or otheralways and not having your fences mended could create unpleasant situations with your neighbours, which is a universal issue even among nations.

The local councils in our States here in Australia insist on the need for fences to be erected between neighbours so that disputes do not arise. Hence Australians spend a fair amount in repairing and installing new fencing.

Installing safety barriers for swimming pools is considered important as a deterrent to dangers and with glass pool fencing another aspect is also solved. That being unhindered visibility of the pool with glass pool fencing.


Search marketing a cost effective process

All search engines carry trillions of websites all competing with each other for their customer’s time and need. It is only when there is a need that a customer would peruse the search engines to look for what he wants.

On the alternative a customer could be browsing the web with no specific purpose but glancing through your product line he could be jolted into beginning a conversation with you. This could end with a positive conversion.

To achieve this you may need to have your website constantly monitored and placed on a high search engine ranking. The level of your search engine ranking would depend directly on the efforts you have put into your search marketing campaign.

The exercise to bring customers to your website and create an interest would be a positive sign to enhance your search engine marketing initiatives successfully. Once a customer has seen your visual presentation he could be persuaded to make conversation to obtain more information.

Search marketing is a very cost effective process as it could be amended, edited and changed when a campaign is ongoing. The changes do not envisage a high cost factor, and the changes effected could be blended into the mainstream campaign without much ado.